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We're here to create an environment for actuaries, actuarial students and finance professionals in Scotland to support professional development, the discussion of current actuarial topics, and to create extensive networking opportunities for our members.

We organise events for financial professionals and students in Scotland, including actuarial trainees, qualified actuaries, finance professionals working in an actuarial environment, and university students with an interest in finance or actuarial science.

Upcoming Talks

Blockchain and Its Use in the Financial Services Industry

Event Details

Monday 26 November, 17:30-19:00pm Lloyds Banking Group office, The Mound Dr Greig Paul is a researcher in Communications and Security Engineering at Strathclyde University. He has published papers on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. His talk will cover the basics of how Blockchain works…

Upcoming Social Events

FASS-mas Ice Skating & Cocktails


Tuesday 4 December, 18:00 onwards Box Office, St Andrew Square Cost: £8 with student card It’s that time of year again, so let’s get tipsy and take to the ice – every aspiring actuary’s passions realised, right?! Come join us for a night…